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Well this is my first post on this new adventure Andi and I are undertaking and to be honest I find it hard to believe that anyone would really want to read what I have to say but I guess if I am really honest I am doing this for myself as much as for anyone else.  So I thought I would start with a bit of a disclaimer about me and my writing.  A dear friend told me I write like a talk which is true.  I am known for run-on sentences in my writing which I might add Andi has tried to cure me of since college with little success.  I also write from the heart and off the cuff which sometimes leads to mess situations but really what is life but often one messy situation running into another messy situation which makes up a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime.  So here goes a messy life written by a messy human enjoy….

If you know me you know I never smoke anything I don’t say this to brag rather just to state a fact but there have been times since becoming a mother that I am sure I had to have been smoking something and several of those days happened this past week.

I was getting dressed the other morning and I remember thinking which color tank top should I wear under this v-neck tee shirt and that is the last I thought about it until that evening.  I was changing into my pajamas and say myself in the mirror and boy did I see myself all of myself in a v-neck tee shirt I wore all day with no tank top.  Yes I was that woman you see at Target and you say what was she thinking well folks I thought and then I moved on skipping a very important step a tank top under a v-neck tee shirt.  I went shopping, ran a ton of errands and it was really hot so maybe people just thought I was hot and just wanted some fresh air blowing all over “the girls” and the sad part was I had my old lady neutral colored bra on which I am sure just made me look sad not sexy.  I keep thinking why didn’t my husband who saw me multiple times throughout the day mention my oversight?  I don’t know if maybe he liked the view or rather didn’t notice, either way is disturbing.  So to the 15 year old Target check out kid I hope you enjoyed the show, to the ice cream scooper who served my family I swear I didn’t mean it, and to the multiple people I saw that day what was I smoking?!

The second time this past week I am sure I was smoking something was the day I bought glue and glitter in sprinkle tubes thinking it was a great activity for my 2 and 3 year old toddlers.  Seriously I know I was totally out of it at that moment.  I must confess they do love it but I hate it.  I have glitter everywhere and both my toddlers have it in places I could have never imagined.  I am worried I look like a pre-teen with glitter on my face so I am constantly checking the mirror because I think showing my breasts to the whole neighborhood was bad enough  but doing in with glitter all over my face would be even worse.

So we have all had those times where we show up someplace important and realize we forgot to brush our teeth or we go to a play group for the first time and realize as we are sitting in a tiny hot play room with 6 toddlers and their Mom’s that we forgot to put on deodorant, right we can all relate?!  I guess the question that kept coming to me this week was how I would choose to manage these snafus of  life and I can say this week I decided to laugh I mean deep down in my belly laugh.  I mean laugh so hard I cried because that was my choice and I chose laughter.  Life is funny but sometimes when I am feeling insecure or tired or just mad for no reason I can’t laugh at myself or the glitter that is floating endless around my house making just about everything sparkle.  I am writing this to remind myself that laughing is fun and if I can take a step back and look at the situation I can enjoy the moment and laugh. But if you are my friend and see me showing “the girls” all over town please mention my oversight because flashing one minor is more than enough for me.


Posted August 8, 2011 by shelvaleep in Life Lessons

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  1. The question I really have is – did the glitter get on the girls, too? So funny, and it gave me just the belly laugh I needed today. Thank you.

  2. Makes me rethink my ban on glittery Christmas ornaments. Maybe I should live it up a little and buy one!

  3. Shelva, my boss has completely banned glitter from work…and I work at a pre-school!! You are not alone in your intense dislike for that stuff! As for the flashing – at least you got the Target boy’s interest!

    Nice to see this blog up and running, ladies 🙂

  4. I’m just picturing Shelva with sparkly girls and it’s making me smile this morning..I’m sure that’s the best action that Target boy had all week. Thanks for the image and so good to hear your voice! xo, Julie

  5. This was a great way to start a Monday..with a deep down belly laugh!

  6. Shelva Jean —- hahaha!! I love you my dear friend! Yep, that sounds about right! Life just happens and laughing is always a great way to enjoy it even more! At least you have GREAT girls too admire!! hehehehe!! And the glitter part, yep it’s a bit messy, but I think it just adds a little ‘sumthin sumthin’! I’m all about it!

  7. Thanks for reminding me that none of us should take life too seriously. It is too short…

  8. This is great you two! Can’t wait to hear all the tales. What is UP with gray hair and acne. My forehead is a mess right now…is that REALLy necessary?

    I’m curious what your husband’s reason was for not saying anything. Just curious. 🙂

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