I wanna go where everyone knows my name   Leave a comment

If you don’t recognize this line from Cheers then I am surely dating myself with this title but that is a post for another day.

I recently went back east with my kids for two weeks to visit my family and friends.  We had a wonderful time swimming in my Aunt’s pool, hanging out with cousins who bought their first house, spending time with friends and their kids, and finally eating Sharkey’s pizza.  I know Sharkey’s what kind of a name is that for a pizza place?  Well it is the pizza place in the town I grew up in and when I go there everyone knows my name.  Now Sharkey (yes his nick name is Sharkey) no longer runs it but his daughter does so she has known me since I was a kid.

I always have Sharkey’s when I go home and I am not sure if it is because I love the pizza (which I do) but also it is because they know me when I go in to pick it up.  There is something reassuring about the world to me when I walk into a place and they know my name.  For  me it is a sense of belonging somewhere of having roots and being known.  I started to think on this trip back East that because I have such deep roots and know I can always return home I have been willing to risk, travel, see the world, seek adventures, and try new things.  I have been willing to fail because deep inside myself I belong where people know my name and I can always return there if not physically than in my heart to be strengthened, renewed, loved and known so that I can continue on this journey.

As my children and I were flying home and one sat on each side of me on the plane I realized (although I am not sure how it happened) that I am the one who needs to create this for them, I need to make them a place where they are known.   A place where they are known and loved unconditionally where they can return to physically or in their hearts to be strengthened and renewed.  I want them to know, like I do they can always return home without judgment to open loving arms to people who know them and love them.

Upon our return home we went to one of our favorite neighborhood places Adiagio a local coffee shop and when we walked in they knew our names!  I thought ahh we are building our community where people know our names.  So thanks to my family and friends who know me and love!  Thanks to Sharkey’s pizza and Adiagio’s coffee shop for knowing our names because an entire community impacts a child and helps them grow into themselves.


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