Does running through the sprinkler count as a bath?   1 comment

If you are wondering the answer is yes, at least from this Mama’s perspective.

I have always been a person who likes to start new things.  In every job or ministry position I have had I have been the start-up girl.  I love to get new programs up and running.  I love the challenges, the creativity required, the need to see the big picture, the vision to share with others and get them excited, I love seeing something tangible come from an idea and a passion.  So when I changed places with my husband and became a stay-at-home Mom this past year I was worried to say the least.  You see Shawn has been a stay-at-home Dad for the past 2 and 1/2 years while I worked full time and it worked for our family.

Once we decided to switch roles so Shawn could focus on the business he started and I could have a chance to slow down and enjoy our children a bit more a wave of fear came over me.  How would “just” being a stay-at-home Mom work for me?  You see when I was younger I always thought my need to move around and change jobs was an element of exploring that I would out grow but with age and acceptance of myself I realize that this is how I am wired.  I have been created in this way and I like it about myself.  So the question that has been hanging over me this past 9 months since we moved across the country and changed our lives completely is, how am I going to nurture that part of myself in the midst of the mundane elements of life?

Okay so maybe you are thinking here it comes the see the beauty in laundry quote, find the joy in the everyday task, it is caring for your family and yes those are all true but for me and how I am wired they can be a chain around my neck that is suffocating.  I do not lack spiritual maturity because repetitive  maintaining tasks are not life giving.

You see my kids keep me hoping and they are changing so much so quickly these days that hanging out with them is one adventure after another.  I love being home with them, I love the pace of life we are living as a family, I love to play outside, and the other day I played board games all morning and I was happy. I love my life.  I am happy and content and I am still wired to create.

So the question about the bath and the sprinkler came on a hard day when I swore I could not give me kids one more bath because usually within minutes of a bath they are dirty again unless they go straight to bed.  Yah yah I know they are kids and that is great I want them to be kids.  I want them to have fun.  I want them to get dirty and be carefree.  So for me letting the sprinkler be their bath was fulfilling both of our needs they were having fun and I was changing it up a bit.

I don’t really know how this wiring I have to start new things and leave when it becomes maintaining will balance out with my desire to be rooted in a community.  But I do know that my need to be creative, challenged, see the big picture, the vision, the excitement, the new ideas and the passion needed to start anything new is being put to the test everyday.  Finding the rhythm that works for me and my family is going to take a little time, so I remind myself daily to breath and allow a run through the sprinkler to be the bath we all needed.


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  1. Shelva, I love your sense of humor and your creative spirit! That’s a great gift to give your kids at every age, I think 🙂

    Being a parent is always a work in progress. My son is 31, and I have a grandson on the way, and I still get surprised by it all!

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