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“Every time I look out the window and see the truck on the lawn, it makes me so happy,” Brian says.  This, of course, is after we had both had trouble driving it out in the glory that is New Brunswick mud.  Poor Brian had really buried my trusty steed, and despite our best efforts, we really couldn’t get it out.  It took a couple of native Maritimers and a bulldozer to come and help us.  The experience was really stressful to my dear friend, but now, he sees that red Ranger and feels joy and peace.  I like that.

Each night, Brian and his wife Casey sit down with their kids before beds and ask them, “What is your rose?  What is your thorn?”  What is your favorite moment of the day?  What do you wish had gone differently?  It’s their family’s way of helping put things in perspective, give the day some focus, find a blessing in each 24 hours.  I find just hearing about this practice is helping me see the day more positively.  Like Brian, I see the blessing that comes out of the mud.

RoseYesterday, we took a ferry out to Grand Manan Island, and my hopes were set on seeing the whales that are often spotted on the crossing.  But as we drove down the coast of New Brunswick, the fog settled in, thick and rimey.  We boarded this massive ferry, and I took a seat with a view of the 10 feet of water I could see.  I stared out for a while, and then I dozed off.  When I woke, I took a stroll to the front of the boat, bought some root beer, and a Caramilk and settled in to just watch the water go by.  I felt very peaceful and not at all disappointed.  Somehow, the fog closing off most of the sea to my gaze opened up the trip to me; instead of searching the waves for hints of whales, I just watched the water pass by and felt myself rest.

Sometimes, the best thing that can happen, the rose in the day, is the thing that might, at first, seem to be the worst.  Sometimes, it takes seeing a truck stuck deep in the mud to know the relief that comes when it sits on solid ground.


Posted August 19, 2011 by Andi Cumbo-Floyd in Life Lessons

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  1. Beautiful! Perspective and gratitude…we can get very far in life with those. 🙂

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