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I am really embarrassed to admit that this week a cartoon Mom has made me so mad but it is true.  If you don’t know Caillou he is a 4-year-old cartoon kid who learns life lessons with his sister Rosie and parents it is on PBS kids and overall a really great show that both my kids love.  I must confess that it is also one of my favorite cartoon shows to watch with them but this week to be honest I really hated Caillou’s Mom who seems to always have the right loving, patient, kind answer to give her children.  I did try to remind myself that she is a cartoon and if someone was sitting in a room without children writing down every response I should have to my own children and they were not sleep deprived and had no emotional connection I would probably have the “right” thing to say every time as well but that is not the case.  I am not a cartoon Mom and to be honest this week I was not winning any awards for my parenting skills.

I lost my patience a ton, I yelled, I cried a bit in private and in public, I asked Shawn to remind met that I am a pretty good Mom most of the time and he said I was which was good to hear.  One night when I was putting Symeon to bed he wanted me to read him a Veggie Tales book about losing your temper and I almost cried.  I said right to him this sounds like Mommy losing her temper and allowing my anger to steal my joy and he agreed it did sound like me.  I apologized to him and told him I was going to try harder the next day and that I did.  I dusted myself off regrouped and started fresh the next morning and to be honest we all had a better day.

I realize as a Mother that I am the toner set in my house and for my family which can be a bit daunting on some days.  It really is true if Mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy which means I have to care for myself and guard my  heart against anger.  I also realize that sleep deprivation is often the key behind my short temper and lack of patience and this past week Marin was cutting her top 2  year molars and she was up at night, awake at 5 am and a bit agitated all due because of pain.

As my week winds down and I reflect I realize we have had a lot of fun together, we have laughed a ton, we have played, prayed, read books, my children have been showered with love, hugs, kisses, and been told tons of times how great they are and how special they are to God, to me and to our family.  I have come to grips with not being Caillou’s Mom mostly because she’s a cartoon and existing is fun but also because I am not perfect.  I am just me and as a dear friend reminded years ago I am the best Mom for my kids.  I also realize as I reflect on my week that I am a broken human being who is also a Mom.  I am not going to get it right every time and that is okay the best gift I can give my children is to model the acceptance of my own brokenness, the ability to control myself, and when I blow it the willingness to say I am sorry, ask for forgiveness from them, forgive myself, and try again.


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