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Maybe it is because it is September 11th or maybe because I have been to the ER twice in 2 weeks with my 3 year old that I hold my breath with the fragile sense of life I have today.  My son has had two injuries in the past two weeks and both have ended us up at the ER.  The first was a suspected broken foot and the second was a nasty bike accident, a mangled face and several firefighters urging us to the ER.  We are blessed that we left the hospital both times with good reports, a few minor procedures, lots of X-rays and stickers because he is such a good patient.  I think the main point of this is that we left the hospital together.  As I sat with my son for two afternoons watching the happenings of 2 different ER’s I held him a little closer to me as I realized some of the people coming in would not leave.  One doctor apologized for the wait and he followed it with some people have been trying to die on me today.  I know in his profession that death is something he deals with often and I all I could think in my mind was we don’t mind waiting so you can save someone’s life.  When we left the ER both times in two weeks we have seen families waiting, crying, worrying and as I carried my son out to go home I gave thanks to God for his life and that we were going home and I prayed for those people and their loved ones.

On September 11th I am reminded that what may seem like a normal ordinary day can be life altering for an individual, a family, and a nation.  My son’s second trip to the ER came after a bike accident that he had with his father right in front of a firehouse which was a blessing since they were able to offer immediate help for both of them.  When I pulled up in our car to the firehouse I was struck with how ordinary it seemed when they left me that morning.  I told my son I loved him and said good-bye and as he raced towards his bike and his Dad he waved good-bye to me but never looked back ready to go and he yelled bye Mom I love you.  When I finally saw him his face was swollen twice its normal size and as I took him in my arms he cried and I whispered to him don’t worry little man Mommy is here now.  He melted into my arms and I gave thanks for his life and his safety in this situation.  We thanked the firefighters and headed to the ER.  In reflecting on September 11th I was struck by how many firefighters were doing their job, how many were running into the towers when so many were running out, their job to give their lives to save so many others.  I wonder how their “suppose to be” ordinary days started maybe eating breakfast, kissing their families good-bye, a child yelling as they ran to catch the school bus I love you Dad an ordinary day that changed everything.

Life is fragile the ordinary day has no guarantee of being ordinary but I believe it is in these moments when the ordinary meets the fragile that humanity can choose to be great.


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