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My husband and I are the edge of our late 30’s and we have never bought a home.  We have always had free housing connected with our work so it was never necessary and honestly we never wanted to live anywhere long enough to make home ownership worth it.  Well we have entered a new stage of life in that we have two small children, we have found a place where I think we will live for quite a long time and we no longer have jobs that provide free housing.  All of these factors have us on a search for our first home to purchase.

I must admit we have found the process exhausting to say the least.  We do not want to move into a neighborhood in our city that most young families are flocking to because honestly it does not fit us in any way except that we have children.  The problem is we don’t really fit in the trendy hip neighborhoods in our city because we don’t want to live in a loft and although we don’t need a huge yard some yard is a must.  At times we do not feel like we fit anywhere which has happened to us many times in life and we both realize we march to a bit of a different drummer.

I am not sure how to find/buy a home that fits the philosophy of our lives?  How do we find a home that fits us?  Is it a luxury of the white middle class to have so many house and neighborhood choices?  Are we neglectful parents because we are not choosing our home and neighborhood based solely on the school district?  (Just for the record I know I am not!)  How do I reconcile my ideals with the realities of my life situation – children, finances, the need for a home office and our deep desire for community.  Is community in the larger sense of the neighborhood more important than a house that is large enough to have a more intentional community within it’s walls?

As we walk this journey I am so glad I am doing it with Shawn because we both agree on our core beliefs for our lives and our family’s life.  In the midst of the questions I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of  thankfulness for the opportunity to be so intentional about choosing our first home.


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  1. My husband and I are looking for a new home as well, and even though we’ve been married 35 years, this is the first time we’ve done that! We sort of inherited our home from his parents when we first got married, and have lived here ever since. But, for many reasons, the time has finally come to look for somewhere else.

    What a daunting prospect! As you say, there are so many things other than just the house itself to take into consideration.

    Thinking of you on your journey…

  2. Thanks for writing this post! I am with you. We are living in a house that we are trying to buy (long story in itself). Anyways, it fits our sense of community and our philosophy of how to be church – but others don’t get it – the schools are bad (or at least those on the outside think that). Its hard talking to friends and family that don’t get why we do what we do…increasingly so with children.

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