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I have two amazing children.  One is a morning person and the other is not.  One wakes with singing the other with whining.  One will chat your ear off from the moment they get out of bed and the other might not speak for an hour or so except to say that their sibling is bothering them.  One dances and runs every morning while the other sits and watches stroking their face with the tail of their favorite stuffed animal.  So honestly depending on which child is up first the tone for the day can be very different.

This past week has had its ups and downs like all of life and the reoccurring theme that keeps coming to me over and over is who sets the tone?  Who decides who will have a “bad” day and who will have a “good”one?  The other day one child was ill and the other was in the mood to torment and I was sleep deprived so who was the tone setter that day?  Well I was, since I decided we would have a good day no matter what happened and every time someone broke down or I lost my temper I would take a step back look around and say we are going to have a good day.

In general I feel like I am a pretty well rounded person yet there are days when I let my 2 or 3 year old dictate the tone of our home.  I know if you are a parent you have probably been in this situation.  You know what I mean you wake up smiling ready for a great day of fun and one of your children wakes up in a mood that quickly sends the house into a downward spiral and it is hard if not impossible some days to recover.  Sometimes it feels a bit exhausting to be the tone setter the one who will help others live that day to the fullest and enjoy the  moments, whatever they are, that come along yet it does seem to be my role most of the time.  I am learning to embrace this role and I find that life with all of its ups and downs is better when you take a step back and say this is a good day!


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