Yah a muffin means sex   2 comments

My apologies to those of you who wait with baited breath for my Monday morning posts since I missed this past Monday due to being rather ill.  I am still in a bit of a fog which is why I am naming this post what I am but here goes.

In our quest to find our first home my husband and I stumbled upon a great Realtor one day at an open house.   I got a good vibe from him so we went with him and he has been great.  In general since I have a husband who has his own small business I have tried to respect his working time and his non-working time.  Often I have over apologized if I called or had him show us a house on a weekend.  He assured me it was part of the job and really  not a problem but still it would bother me.

So the other day bright and early on a Monday morning he was showing me a house and I stopped to get a cup of coffee so I picked him up a muffin.  (On multiple occasions he has shown me houses without my husband because I do the first walk through and then Shawn comes if it might be a keeper.)  Okay so if you know me you know first I love baked goods especially in the morning and second I love to bring them as treats for people to start their day.  So buying our Realtor to a muffin seemed like a normal thing to do for me but as I was driving to meet him I wondered head if it was “appropriate” to bring him a muffin.

We had a change of plans and my husband ended up going with me to see the house and when he plopped down in the car seat next to me he saw the muffin bag and assumed it was for him.  I told him it was for J our Realtor and he started laughing.  I was anxious and started drilling him asking if it was appropriate to bring a muffin to J and then he laughed harder and said, “Oh yah Shelva  a muffin means sex”  and then we both cracked up.  I guess it was kind of silly but honestly I am often clueless about such things and being clueless can mean I find myself in some awkward situations. I am a bit sad that blessing someone could be mistaken as inappropriate but I also know when you are married and so is someone else you have to be careful.

Well in the end I handed my husband the muffin and told him to eat it because by this point I wasn’t sure what I was saying with the muffin.  Was I saying good morning thanks for showing me the house bright and early or was I saying good morning you sexy Realtor thanks for showing me the house and what else are you going to show me?  I was going for the first but just in case I let the only  man I want to flirt with eat the muffin.


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  1. This is a classic “only you” story….so funny. Are any of those houses less than a two-day drive from CT? ? Only kidding…I’m glad you guys have found where you belong. 🙂

  2. HI there, Shelva. I know it ended up being a funny thing between you and Shawn, but I wanted to encourage you that you were right for being cautious in the area of men that aren’t our husbands. We all need to guard our hearts in all things. Blessings to you!!
    Tracy Cassel

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