A bunch of tiny moments make up a life   Leave a comment

I was struck this week with the tiny moments that make up my life.  I have always been one of those people who enjoys the moment they are in and rarely do I find myself wishing I was 16 again or 25 or whatever where I am now is fine with me.  I am enjoying these tiny moments that make up my life and I love to remember all the other tiny moments that have made up my life to this point.

This week I finally put pictures into a digital frame for my husband’s father’s day gift yes a bit late but still it is finished.  The frame has been sitting on our counter over the past several days flipping through the years since our first child was born.  I have found myself standing and watching these pictures quite often as glimpses of my life flash before me, these beautiful amazing moments captured forever.  I will never live them again and I can say with great peace in my heart that I lived them fully.  I soaked them in and I enjoyed them.

The pictures in this frame are mostly of our family and our adventures and I thought my gosh someday these pictures may show up at  my children’s weddings or my silver wedding anniversary or at my own funeral.  These are the pictures of my life the beauty that enfolds me everyday, the smiles, the laughs, the blessings, the pain, the cries of delight and grief, the joy in remembering and sometimes the pain in letting go.  Someday these pictures will chronicle my life and as I watched them I was overwhelmed with peace and a deep sense of love and gratitude. I realized as I watched the pictures that none of the moments were perfect, many were profoundly life altering, and some were even painful to remember.

These tiny moments that make up the canvas of our lives are splattered with laughter, cries, frustration, gratitude, anger, love, blessings, faith, sorrow, grief, and joy.  I pray you have time this week to reflect on the tiny moments that are making up your own life.  I pray that when you reflect on them you can embrace each moment and realize they make you who you are and when they are woven together these tiny moments are your life.


Posted October 10, 2011 by shelvaleep in Life Lessons

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