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I am one of those people who is always late.  I mean you can honestly figure I will be at least 10 minutes late but with the addition of 2 toddlers it is often closer to 20 minutes these days.  There are several reasons for my tardiness the first is that I always figure I can squeeze more into a time period than is really possible, second is that I always want to have space for holy interruptions, and finally getting my two toddlers from point A to point B can be a bit trying at times.

Today was a perfect example of what happens when I am trying to get somewhere on time.  It all started well up on time, showered on time, kids dressed a little time to pat myself on the back for being on schedule and leaving us time to walk to the playground to meet our friends.  In the middle of my I am awesome speech in my head the doorbell and rings and I thought oh UPS or FED EX which come a lot to our house.  I go to the door and find a neighbor I had never met standing on our porch.  He is a sweet gentle man who I so enjoyed meeting and he asked he if could pick our grapes so his wife could make homemade grape jelly and he would gladly give us some when it was finished.  I said sure I was glad to see them picked and used rather than just rotting on the vine.  He said he would be right back with a bucket.  Well I thought he would be right back but it was more like 40 minutes later when he returned right about 20 minutes before I should be leaving to walk to meet our friends.

He was standing on our porch bucket in hand and my two toddlers were smiling eager to help pick a very large 5 gallon bucket of grapes so we all headed to the back yard.  We had a great time he told us stories of coming to Denver while my son and I helped pick and my daughter ate her weight in grapes.  It was wonderful and the kids had so much fun and so did I.  When we left it was 10 o’clock and we were late but I considerd it a holy lateness.  We took some time for a neighbor and built community.  My friend was understanding and although we were late I think it was justified lateness.

In my life the past several years I have had to race from one thing to the next always with the clock as my enemy.  I was never on time because my schedule was so packed full there really was no way to fit it all in even though I tried.  I like the pace of my new existence.  I like that I am late for holy  moments that I do not have to fret about every minute and by leaving space I am able to build community with my neighbors.  I am able to read extra books at bedtime since I don’t have to go back to work after they are in bed, I can stop and let me kids play at a playground just because we drove by it,  I can breathe and I can stop rushing my kids from one thing to the next we can all breathe.  If you have never tried holy lateness you should it has allowed me to breathe rather than holding my breath as I rushed from one thing to the next.  .


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  1. Shelva…I am a friend of Katie and Jeff’s. I enjoy so much reading your words! Because I have seen pictures of your kids, you words literally came to life. So sweet! Also, I needed to hear what you had to say about community….

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