The Universal Appeal of Jason Bateman   6 comments

So until yesterday, I thought I was alone in this celebrity crush.  But a friend tells me that every woman he knows also has a crush on the man who became Micheal Bluth.  I find this disappointing.

Clearly, he is looking at me and saying, "Who is that woman? I must meet her." Right?

You see, I take pride in being unusual about who I develop crushes for.  Sure, Ashton is cute (okay, he’s hot, just hot), but he doesn’t really do it for me.  Ryan Reynolds – also lovely, but not my guy either.  Brad Pitt – truthfully, eh.

So when I took a far-off fancy to the red-headed guy who was so good in that long-lost childhood favorite Valerie’s Family, I thought I was unique in my affection.  Apparently not.

Ladies, if you also obsessively watch every film that John Cusack is in (including Hot Tub Time Machine), please don’t tell me. . . I need to keep one crush to myself.  Thanks.

So it’s confession time – who do you secretly harbor a soft spot for?  ‘fess up . . . unless, of course, it’s Rob Gordon. . . hands off my mix-tape man. 

Note – I find it both insulting and alluring that when I type “John Cusack” in IMDb, Johnny Depp’s picture appears.  I will admit that with the rest of the world I also crush on Johnny Depp pretty hard.  But he’s no John.


Posted October 14, 2011 by Andi Cumbo-Floyd in Romance

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6 responses to “The Universal Appeal of Jason Bateman

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  1. Jon Stewart.

    Also, I’m in love with the younger Bluth as well and have a total crush on Michael Cera. Which I know makes me a gross old lady, but I don’t care. I just love him.

    • Oh, yes, Jon Stewart definitely. Michael Cera – loved him on AD, but Year One kind of lost me. . . that said, I do love the guy who plays Reed on Criminal Minds. . . . I fear what I’ve started here. 🙂

  2. Ok, so going way back to when I was in middle school, Robert Downey, Jr. I, too, am disappointed at by how many ladies are on my man. But did THEY see Chances Are? I think NOT!

    But, Ewan McGregor has been my #1 for many years now. Did anyone catch him in the Long Way Round series? LOVED IT!!! And it only solidified my adoration for him.

    **happy sigh**

    PS. My husband is totally okay with this.

    • Clearly, Jamie, we are like-minded women. Still love Robert Downey, Jr, and Ewan McGregor . . . sigh. . . I definitely need to see Long Way Round. . . for the bikes and the men. Glad your man is a cool cat with this stuff.

  3. Anthony Edwards!! 🙂

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