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Recently I have developed an interest in my resting metabolic rate since we all have one but I am not sure how many of us think about it at least I haven’t until this week.  I am comfortable with my body and my diet but I have been thinking lately what has worked for me might not as I age and my metabolism changes.  I have also been thinking I just want to get  a bit better all around making sure I am as healthy as I can be and so I decided to meet with an expert.  I met with her last week and am excited to get started.  We are focusing on strength training which I love so it should be fun and it is something just for me which feels good.

Shawn and I were chatting after that meeting about resting metabolic rates ( I know we are so interesting) and joking because I was saying I just needed to get me metabolic rate so high that I could lay in bed and lose weight if I wanted.  Of course this isn’t quite true but it made for a good laugh and we started talking about how super athletes are burning like 10x more calories than I am just sitting in a seat doing nothing.

There is this comedian who talks about the people in first class making money while the plane is sitting on the tarmac and as he is walking past them to coach they are thinking sucker I am getting richer while you walk to your seat.  Shawn and I were cracking up about super fit people burning calories as they were eating them so they would actually lose weight while eating.  The funny part to me is that my husband is one of these people.  He burns so many calories while sleeping it is crazy.

My goal is not to be super fit although that would be nice but my goal is to do something for myself that is only going to improve my health and thus my life.  Is there something you would like to do for yourself that you have been putting off?  If so try to take one step toward that goal this week believe me it will feel great.


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