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Well I know I have always had some issues with Barbie but after reading an article on line I realize I actually have issues with our society, the media, toy companies and some parents because honestly I can’t really be mad at Barbie since she is not real.  I think that is the key to my soap box that I am on tonight she is NOT REAL.  Women, young girls, boys, men if Barbie’s boobs were really that big and the rest of her really that small she would not be able to walk I mean literally she would fall over or her back pain would be so debilitating that she would be bed ridden and although she is “fit” anyone bedridden starts to lose their muscle tone and “sex appeal.”  Maybe I am on to something I should market a new bedridden Barbie and see if that appeals to people.

Okay I know there are lots of toys out there that people might not agree with and we are all allowed our opinion so I am just voicing mine. The article I read was about a Barbie doll that some parents are upset about and will not buy their children because Barbie is tattoo, has pink hair, leopard pants etc.  You get my point she does not look like the classic Barbie and to this I say hurray!  Oh gosh people can you believe it, not everyone in the world has huge boobs, a tiny waist, long blonde hair, and blue eyes and thank God!  I say it is about time that Barbie starts to show all little girls that women look different and are beautiful so even if they are not making a more realistic Barbie as far as measurements go at least let’s support the attempt to show the beauty of all women.

Here’s what I think is true beauty in women:  stretch marks from carrying a child in your womb, the veined hands of a grandmother, gray hair, skin that looks like paper from age, smiles, eyes, a giving heart, a mother’s heart, warmth, laughter and tears for the pain in the world.  I am not saying we should tell young girls to let themselves go and that being unhealthy is a good choice all I am saying is that as a mother of a daughter I never want her to think because she might posses one of the “keys” of societal beauty that she is not beautiful.  As a society and as a parent we need to foster in young girls the confidence to love themselves and others.  We need to tell them they are beautiful and worthy of being treated with respect and dignity.  We need to help them understand that there is so much more to them than their physical appearance because unless you are Barbie physical beauty will fade.  I am still not advocating purchasing a Barbie but if you do, consider the tattooed Barbie and when you give it to your daughter consider telling her that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors with or without tattoos and piercings and that part of being a woman is seeing all the beauty a  person has to offer which is so much more than their outer appearance.


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  1. I know you didn’t mean it this way, but this came off incredibly ableist:

    “anyone bedridden starts to lose their muscle tone and sex appeal.”

    O RLY? Yeah, a woman on bedrest for a difficult pregnancy will experience muscle atrophy during that time, but her sex appeal? Is that really the kind of head trip you want to lay on anyone with a period of prolonged medical immobility? Scott Olsen, the Iraq War vet shot in the head with a tear gas canister for being part of Occupy Oakland, is now in a medically induced coma and on a respirator. I thought that was kind of the whole point of your post — that anyone in that precarious medical condition probably has bigger worries than their level of sexxeh. Do wheelchair users only lose half of our sex appeal, or…?

    Please, there must be a way to snark Mattel without going there about a “bedridden” Barbie. (“Bed-bound,” thanks. It’s only “bedridden” if someone is in bed riding us, which oddly enough, happens even to the disabled. I guess there must be more to sex appeal than vertical position; who knew?)

  2. I really think that Barbie is a dumb toy. I never could see the excitement in dressing up a doll and then changing her clothes yet again. However many little girls love playing with Barbie. These kids are a whole lot smarter than you are giving them credit for. Having worked with young children for over thirty years I have never once heard a child say she wanted to grow up to be like Barbie. They know she is a toy, fantasy. I HAVE many girls state that wanted to be a mommy or a teacher or like this person or another. I can’t tell you how many times a little girl or boy has told me that I am beautiful; yes me, frumpy, very over weight, jeans wearing me. You see children see the world with very special eyes that know love and they understand that there is unmeasurable beauty in love. Barbie is fun for some children but they appreciate and want to be like those that love them.

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