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Now that I am an adult and mother I am beginning to realize what happened behind the scenes of holidays in my home growing up.  My parents always made holidays so special and I never knew how much work went into making them so special and fun for us as kids until now.  In the week leading up to Halloween I have been spending some time working to create my sons costume which has honestly been fun for me and I am excited to see him all dressed up.  I have been reminded this week about how many times I changed my mind last minute about my costume or how many times I had these crazy ideas and my Mom always came through with a great costume.

After this week I was really struck with how many late nights my Mom spent up sewing my costume, making cookies for my school party, finishing lollipop ghosts to give my friends, and doing all kinds of stuff to make my childhood special.  My mother is a creative soul she can make and do just about anything which is always beautiful and she used these gifts to fill my childhood with love and warmth.  I am not sure I said thank you enough to her and I know for sure I didn’t fully appreciate all that she did for me at least not until this week.  I realized with such clarity that like my Mom I was up late creating something special for one of the people I love most in the world.  I was up late out of love because that is what I grew up with a house full of love.  I am truly blessed to have been given so many wonderful holidays but honestly I feel more blessed to have been given the everyday life of my childhood.  I can only pray my children will feel the same way when they are adults.  I hope when they are up late at night working on their child’s Halloween costume they will be flooded with warm memories of their childhood filled with love.


Posted October 31, 2011 by shelvaleep in Parenting, Relationships

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