Why I Love Shelva   1 comment

Yesterday, my partner in this beautiful blog endeavor, Shelva, posted yesterday about how she has come to understand that blogging isn’t for her.    While part of me is sad that we won’t continue this part of our journey together, I am so happy that Shelva came to understand somethinga about herself and is strong enough to honor that truth.

You see, Shelva knows who she is, and she is happy with who she is.  Of course, like all of us, she has bad days, but more than anyone I know, she is able to remember that there is – as far as we’re aware – a tomorrow, a chance to wake up fresh and start anew.

When Shel and I talked a couple weeks ago about her discomfort with the blog, she said, “I just don’t like comments – positive or negative – made about me when people don’t know me as a person.”  She went on to explain that she really wanted to be in full relationship with people – face-to-face, good times and bad, relationship with anyone who discusses life with her.  I found that so admirable and beautiful – and so Shelva.

I also really appreciated the fact that she owned her discomfort and sees her desire to stop blogging her as something she wants to do, not something about other people.  Often, it’s very easy to put our decisions on other people – to blame things outside of ourselves for the choices we make.  Shelva hasn’t done this.  This choice is about what she wants, loves, and needs, and I have so much respect for her about that.  This is one of the million reasons I love her so dearly.

So while I am sad to see Shelva take a new path in her journey of life, I am so proud of her for doing what is best for her.  May I learn to do the same for myself.

Gray Hair and Acne will continue, with me blogging a couple of times a week and guest bloggers jumping in as they wish.  If you’d like to blog about what it is to be a woman – or know a woman – trying to live life with more or less grace – please let me know.  I’d love to have you. 



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  1. I’ll certainly miss Shelva’s perspective and wit, but completely honor and understand her decision. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her, even if it was for a short time 🙂

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