Why I Refuse to Play Christmas Music Until I See Santa at Macy’s   Leave a comment

I don’t have many hard and fast rules about things, but this one I never break:

Christmas season does not actually begin until Santa crosses in front of the grandstand at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Period.

I know this is not a rule that all of you follow.  I’ve seen your blatant disregard for this policy in your Facebook updates, your Spotify lists, and your tweets.  For the most part I’ve ignored you, but if you could see the way my head falls back in disgust, you might think twice about admitting your folly publicly. 

In all seriousness, though, I really hate that all the holidays, but especially Christmas, begin earlier and earlier each year.  I know the whys of marketing and economics, and I even understand the desire to anticipate something we love for a longer period of time.  But truth be told, I think all this is doing is watering our experiences down and making us jaded to them.

For example, my birthday is November 11th.  The week before I went to the greatest beer store on the planet (Beer Run in Charlottesville, VA in case you’re in the area), and they did not have any pumpkin ales left.  This was two weeks before Thanksgiving – you know, the Pumpkin Pie holiday. Instead, their shelves were stocked with winter ales and Christmas brews.  It was only three weeks into Autumn.  (I’m throwing my head back in disgust just thinking about it.)

What I want is for us to celebrate where we are now.  Today, it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I am really enjoying all the “thanks-inspired” goodness I’m seeing. Gratefulness status updates.  Posts about why we’re thankful to be writers.  Fill in the blanks that list what we’re thankful for.  This is the season of Thanks-Giving. . . . I love it.

Thursday at approximately 11am, I’ll whip out the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album and play it with glee until my father’s ears bleed.  But until then, it’s pumpkin everything for me.

By the way, just be grateful I was raised Prostestant, or you’d hear me moaning about how Christmas doesn’t start until, well, Christmas and how we should all just listen to “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” all season.  🙂
What about you? When do you start celebrating your winter holidays?  Why do you think these things keep coming earlier and earlier? How do you feel about the holiday creep?


Posted November 22, 2011 by Andi Cumbo-Floyd in Life Lessons

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