A List of Womanly Things I Love   2 comments

Some of the blogs I love have these great posts of random, trivial information (see Tyler Stanton’s Trivial Things He’s Thankful foras an example.).  Oddly enough, these blogs are often written by men.  I didn’t think men had a penchant on random, so I’m taking it back for the girls.  Here’s my list of random womanly stuff:

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  • I love yarn, but not just any yarn – soft, colorful, and of course expensive yarn, like this.
  • That new Progresso Soup commercial where the women “fit” into their dresses and jeans – yep, love that.  (Unfortunately, the link isn’t available yet – how could YouTube fail me in this?)
  • This woman Jenna Woginrich rocks the world.  She runs her own farm, slaughters her own animals, runs sled dogs, and does it all without a man in sight (not that it’s bad to have a man around, but it kicks some serious tush that she does this without looking to a man for help.)
  • I also adore cute animal pictures.  I can’t help it; my mouth falls open in an unstoppable “awww” when I see baby creatures like this.

So that’s it, the womanly random things I love this week.  What would you add?  What things – as a woman – do you really love? Men, what do the women in your life love?


2 responses to “A List of Womanly Things I Love

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  1. 1. Skirts. I love skirts. Men are missing out.
    2. I second craft shows.
    3. Being domestic and having every right to bake a batch of cupcakes just to eat them all.

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