Spoken Without Words – A Guest Post by Jansen Herr   2 comments

Jansen is the first male to write on this blog, and I know he is honored (and probably slightly horrified) by that reality.  I, however, am only honored.  Jansen’s a good friend and a really good writer. Plus, he’s freakin’ funny, so enjoy. 

There is an intimacy between my girl and I–an unspoken, nearly omniscient way in which we understand each other.  We, somehow, both know what the other is thinking, and it is a truly beautiful experience.  I can’t fully explain it, but those who have been in a similar situation know exactly how it is.  I would say that “one look is all it takes,” but–more often than not–I don’t even have to look at her and she knows when I’m upset.  That’s the moment she reaches out and touches my shoulder to let me know she’s there for me.  It is moving.

That’s the beauty of a relationship that works.  There is constant communication, whether intended or not:  the reassurance you get knowing that you will each be there for the other, no matter what.  It is the definition of a partnership.

I was out on the town with an old high-school friend of mine just last week.  We’ll call him Mr. H.  Anyway, H was lamenting about how he can’t understand women.  He claims that he doesn’t know what they’re thinking much of the time.  We came to the conclusion that–with most girls–it would be a whole lot easier for the guys to comprehend the female train of thought and to recognize their needs if they simply carried a small dry-erase board around their neck and just spelled it out for us.  Simple messages like “hug me,” “bad day,” or “don’t touch—fuming” would all be extremely helpful for nearly every guy I know.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it would be that much bother either, especially when you consider how we’re constantly lowering the toilet seat for them.

After we parted ways, I reflected on H’s potentially ground-breaking idea for a little while, and I came to this conclusion:  I am truly, utterly grateful to not need a message board with my girl.  I have someone in my life that I understand so well and–more importantly–understands me even better.  I can sense what she needs and will spend my life doing my very best to see that she gets it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think she needs to go outside.

To see Jansen’s girl, click here and enter “Jansen’s Girl” as the password. To read more of Jansen’s great writing, check out his blog The Driving Farce and follow him on Twitter. 


2 responses to “Spoken Without Words – A Guest Post by Jansen Herr

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  1. love this 🙂 At first I thought the “girl” in question might be his car, but this is even better!

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