Cheez-Its, Robert Pattinson, and Fighting Aging – A Guest Post by Jamie Golden   2 comments

Each December, magical benefit elves descend on my nonprofit’s office and try to woo us. They hold up shiny objects like life insurance policies and 401(k) investments and flexible spending plans.

I am immune. I have to keep my paycheck focused on things like mortgages, student loans, and Cheez-its.

However, for every employee over 55, it is bug eyes and copious note taking.

Sensing my seat on the sidelines of this mature discussion always has me self reflecting about getting older. Am I aging gracefully or am I kicking Father Time in the shins while plotting my escape?

It’s the shins.

Here’s a few of the ways I’m throwing a punch:

1. Fitness: Please don’t get crazy. I’m not actually fit. But I do like to push my knees to the brink with rafting, skiing, and 4-square. Plus, it never hurts to schedule in daily dance breaks.

2. Drugstore Choices: Hair colors, face serums, and sparkly spackle are the best way to place the ravages of time in time out.

3. Pop Culture: I’m not afraid to love that which may be age-inappropriate. Phineas & Ferb, Demi Lovato, The Muppets, and one RobertDouglasThomasPattinson.

4. Muffin Top: Carrying  extra pounds leads to a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. However, those Cheez-its are a great over-the-counter collagen to fill out pesky hand wrinkles and brow lines. You  may die 10 years earlier, but your coffin-side 16 x 20 portrait won’t  need airbrushing.

5. Menu: A gourmet bowl of Cookie Crisp with a side of apple slices makes for a delightful meal. It’s all the better when served with a full-bodied grape Kool-Aid

How do you stay young?

Jamie Golden is a single 30-something from Birmingham, Alabama who likes to  follow the conversation wherever the medication may lead. She majors in  sleeping and minors in photography, baking, party-planning, traveling, and  changing out handbags. Jamie blogs at Jamie’s Rabbits and tweets at @jamiesrabbits.


2 responses to “Cheez-Its, Robert Pattinson, and Fighting Aging – A Guest Post by Jamie Golden

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  1. So glad to know someone else endorses the use of Cheez-Its to fight aging.

    I stay young by riding my kickbike. I grin like an idiot, embarass my kids and embrace my youth when I ride it. Pure happiness!

  2. Love this–especially the sparkly spackle line!

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