Christmas Letters – To Do or Not To Do   1 comment

My wall of blessings.

My mom was a master of the Christmas letter. Somehow, she was able to fit a year’s worth of information about 5 people in less than two pages without it seeming tedious or obligatory.  Her Christmas letters were full of wit – often at her own expense – and her poignant, true insight that somehow never waxed sentimental.

So this year, Dad and I had a big choice to make – to do a Christmas letter or not.   Dad chose not, instead hand-addressing and signing Christmas cards to the closest of his friends.  I am still hoping to get one written; for those of you waiting, it will probably come via email or arrive in April – think how fresh and unusual it will seem them, the poinsettia challenging the tulips for beauty.

I love receiving these letters though. Yesterday, my friend Melissa sent hers.  I devoured the letter – full of tidbits about her family and funny stories about her kids.  But what I love most are the pictures – this one shows Melissa, her husband, and their two little ones in a perfect autumn setting.  They all look so happy, so healthy, so loved.  I see them, and it reminds me how blessed I am to have them in my life.

I expect I’ll get a few more of these letters and pictures over the next few weeks.  At least I hope I do.  Because then, I hang them on my office wall to remind me, when times get lonely, that my life is full of wonderful people, people who take the time to write and send me reminders of their love.

Guess I should get on that letter, huh?


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One response to “Christmas Letters – To Do or Not To Do

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  1. Although some might complain about the ubiquitous Christmas letter, I truly enjoy them. I love people’s stories, in whatever form they come to me!

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