Christmas Staycation – A Guest Post by Sharry Miller   2 comments

It all becomes a little overwhelming:  full-time job, husband, daughter, a business making and selling art glass, blog posts, weekly articles for my BellaOnline site…the list seems to just go on and on.

On top of everything else, the onset of winter here in Alaska often causes my energy level to drop.  I find myself craving carbohydrates, especially sweets, much more than normal.  Getting outside for fresh air and exercise helps a lot, but it doesn’t matter that I know this, I still have a hard time overcoming inertia to actually get my butt outside.  I want to just give in to the urge to curl up with a warm blanket and good book and not move for hours.  Unfortunately, there just isn’t time for that.

I’ve been saying for some time that I’d like to quit my “real” job; my husband earns enough money that I could, in theory.  Unfortunately, he’s self-employed, a job that doesn’t come with health insurance or the security of a guaranteed income.  When I talk about quitting, however, he has on occasion said that his concern is that I’d get bored if I weren’t working full time.  Huh?!  I have so many things I want to do:  complete projects already started, begin even some of the many ideas running through my head, write more, read more…heck, I’d even like to clean the house for a change.  Being bored isn’t even a remote consideration.

Because Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Sundays this year, my holiday days off fall on the following Mondays.  I’ve decided to give myself a Christmas present.  I am taking personal leave on the remaining four days during the week after Christmas.  As a result, I’ll have 10 whole days in a row off.  A colleague asked me, “Where are you going to go?”  With a blissful sigh, I replied, “Nowhere.  I’m giving myself a staycation.”

I assume you’re all familiar with “staycations” since Alaska’s always behind the times when it comes to the latest in trends.  A staycation simply means that you’re taking time off from work, but staying home instead of traveling.  In my book, the time doesn’t count as a staycation if you spend all of it taking care of chores or doing other work, unless, of course, the work consists of things you really want to do – in that case it’s really not work.  (Whew!  That was a complicated sentence.)

Undoubtedly, I won’t get to spend as much of my staycation indulging in my chosen activities as I’d like.  The demands of family and house will require at least some of my attention.  Nonetheless, I look forward to sleeping late, reading good books, writing, and spending time playing with glass in my studio.  I hope to be able to return to work refreshed and with a better attitude, but I don’t really expect miracles.  Regardless, I am quite confident the last thing I’ll be is bored.  That worry is one my husband can put right out of his head.

Have you had a staycation, or, if you took time off from work did you just end up working at home?  If you can’t indulge in a full staycation, what do you do to recharge your batteries when the winter doldrums hit?

Sharry Miller is a beleaguered State of Alaska employee who recharges her batteries through creative pursuits such as glass art and writing.  She writes more-or-less regularly on her blog ( and posts articles every week to the Cycling site at BellaOnline.


2 responses to “Christmas Staycation – A Guest Post by Sharry Miller

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  1. A few months ago, I quit my “day” job, and people asked me the same question. “What will you do with yourself?”

    Ha! Those people don’t know me too well! Between music and writing and helping start a new theater group and taking care of my mom and a couple of other elderly neighbors, plus of course the old hearth and home, there is always plenty to do.

    But winter is not a good time for me either. The continually gray skies and cold days sap my strength. We have a home in Florida where I retreat whenever possible. But we’ve now put that on the market to sell, so my days of doing that are numbered. Who knows what will be next…

    At any rate, I hope you enjoy your staycation, and that it is both fun and re-energizing!

  2. Thanks, Becca. I keep thinking I need to make a list of all the things I want to do so that I don’t get sidetracked by the things that need to be done. I refuse to submit to the tyranny of laundry and dirty bathrooms!

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