We Have Enough. We Don’t Need More.   Leave a comment

Last night, I had this dream.  Society had collapsed. Most people were dead. A few of us had survived. And everything was gray.

You know the standard post-Apocalyptic scene.

But in contrast to the day I spent yesterday shopping amongst the throngs in our local city, the dream seemed important.

People in my dream kept saying, “We have enough. We don’t need more.”

I wonder what our society would be like if we decided this for ourselves. What if we decided that we had enough and we don’t need more?

I don’t know how to do this exactly – I’m not good at it myself.  Yesterday I bought gifts and yarn, and I love seeing the new things I bought.  Yet, I don’t need any of it.  None of it at all.  I truly do have everything I need.

My dream lingers with me.  We have enough.  We don’ t need more. I think I need to try and live that out more fully. I hope in the next couple of weeks to explore here, with you, how I will do that.

What about you? How do you deal with our society’s interest in acquisition? Do you feel like you have enough, or do you need more? 




Posted December 20, 2011 by Andi Cumbo-Floyd in Life Lessons

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