What I Learned By Stepping Back from the Internet   1 comment

So for the last two weeks or so, I’ve stepped back from the web a bit.  I recycled blog posts over at Andilit; I posted guest posts here or just posted less; I walked away from Twitter and Facebook almost entirely.

Here’s what I learned – the world didn’t fall apart. 

I know that sounds dramatic, but in the frenzy to keep up with people and projects, I had gotten myself worked up with when I was posting, how many times I was tweeting, my replies to Facebook posts.  Honestly, I was letting myself get stressed out.

But then, the holidays rolled in with the people and travel and parties, and suddenly, all of this online stuff became less important.  People I love were with me, in person, and I wanted to be with them.

So I step into this new year with a lot less worry and angst about the Internet.  I still think it’s important. I still have good friends that I “see” only here. It seem gives me good news and fresh ideas.  I’m not disconnecting entirely.

But I am done stressing.  I’ll post here on Tuesday and Friday, just maybe not by 9am.  I’ll tweet regularly and update my Facebook page, just not obsessively.

I’ll trust that what should come by way of news, and work, and people will come to me without my obsessing over it.

What is your relationship with the Internet like? Casual? Obsessive? Business? Stressful? Do you need to take a step back? 


Posted January 3, 2012 by Andi Cumbo-Floyd in Life Lessons

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One response to “What I Learned By Stepping Back from the Internet

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  1. I sometimes get obsessive about the internet, too. I use blogging to keep me on a regular writing schedule, but then I start thinking about all the “networking” I could be doing on Facebook or Twitter.

    When I can convince myself to stand back a little, I know I’m more focused and productive – and consequently happier!

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