Separation – Women and Our Bodies   Leave a comment

Sometimes I act as if my body is not part of who I am.  As Eve Ensler says, I push my body past what it is capable of; I ask of it more than it can give.

I also disconnect things that have happened to my bodies – sex or abuse or judgment – from who I am as a person.

But my body and my mind don’t know that they are separate, and until I – both mind and body – accept that I am not just mind I cannot heal from what has happened to my body.

If I have wounds in my body from my safe, fairly sheltered life, than I cannot imagine the pain that others have in theirs.  I can’t imagine what it is to be raped or beaten to near death.  Or to have cancer rage through me.

Eve Ensler helps me understand. Maybe she will help you, too.

Suddenly, My Body – Eve Ensler on TED

My dear women, I urge you to take a few minutes and sit through this powerful video. Push through the discomfort we have our bodies and see where Ensler comes out, whole, still scarred, but whole.


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