What Do We As Women Tell Ourselves that Holds Us Back   Leave a comment

No offense to any men out there, but women are the strongest people I know.  I watch one friend raise her son, work full-time and help her husband battle a substance abuse problem.  I see another struggle with her own identity as her two young children require her time in this time of her life.  I see others, despite wanting a family, celebrate their singleness and freedom in a world where family is then norm.  I see others who want so desperately to be home with their children and also want so desperately be experts in their field, who feel guilty no matter where they are and still keep going.  Women – women are strong.

Still, we do not achieve like me.  In this video, Sheryl Sandberg urges us to change our own thinking and own our strength.  It’s worth 15 minutes of your day; it really is.

What do we, as women, tell ourselves that holds us back?  How we do conquer those internal messages so that we can change the external ones?


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